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Crypto currency wordpress plugin

Kirill Vishev, programmer of Studio create the plugin for wordpress, which showed current crypto currency

[ current_crypto float="2" in="bch" to="usd" ]

Also possible to output result wo the widget panel

Now you can see this currencys:

Bitcoin Cash [current_crypto float=»2″ in=»bch» to=»usd»]

Bitcoin [current_crypto float=»2″ in=»btc» to=»usd»]

Etherum [current_crypto float=»2″ in=»eth» to=»usd»]

Litecoin [current_crypto float=»2″ in=»ltc» to=»usd»]

Monero [current_crypto float=»2″ in=»xmr» to=»usd»]

Zcash [current_crypto float=»2″ in=»zec» to=»usd»]

There is converting to russian rubles and US dollars.

We will add more if plugin will be success in wordpress plugin marketplace.

Download v0.1 .zip 10 Kb