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Idea: judgmental rating

A list of movies and books that are generated depending on the evaluation, and from the principle that 1 is better than 2 but worse than 3. Example. For me, the movie equilibrium is better than the matrix. But worse than the film It. Hence It — 1 place, equilibrium — 2, Matrix — 3. Have posmotrel new film. The system offers me to compare it with anything. For example the Expendables. It is a movie better. Martiza too. Selvatellino Irrepressible fall at the end of the list. I foresee 3 problems

  • placing film in the rankings for a large list
  • inconsistency when, for example Hyperion better About Blindness, BOS better Generation P, but PP is better than Hyperion.
  • sometimes it’s hard to compare. Like their last paragraph. They are all good, I don’t want to put anything above the other.

A simple implementation of this principle is to write to the table all the movies or books and to sort them depending on personal preference. But I want a system where you could find rankings that put friends. And without an interesting interface, which would be offered to compare books to each other (like in the movie the social network, Zuckerberg suggested to compare people), this idea will stall, again due to the large volume of books and movies.